For years energy experts have been telling consumers to unplug their devices and chargers when not in use because a lot of them have high standby currents, so called "vampires"


How much energy do household appliances use?

ApplianceWhen on (watts)Standby (watts)
Video recorder131
DVD recorder127
Digital top box65
Computer + peripherals13015
Computer monitor7011
Laptop computer292
Broadband modem1414
Answering machine33
Battery charger141
Mobile phone charger52



My thought was that we should be pushing back on manufacturers to provide us with better PSUs.


It would appear that someone has been listening or at least has had the same idea, from Feb 2016 new government regulations mean that external PSUs will need to meet the Energy Star level VI standard’s no load input power requirement of <0.1 Watt.




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