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Logitech is launching two new wireless technologies that complicate the debate of wired vs. wireless mouses due to its reported impeccable performance. The Logitech G wireless mouse and charging pad which is available as a hard or cloth pad. (Photo via Logitech)


Are you adding wireless charging to all your designs? Maybe you should.


Recently, wireless charging has become an increasingly popular idea in providing unrestricted access to electronic devices, such as AirVolt’s wireless phone charging system, and now Logitech G is releasing a wireless mouse with a similar concept in mind. Constant, wireless charging for a wireless mouse. We are bound to see more of this type of technology added to all of our devices.


The two new technologies proposed by Logitech are dubbed Powerplay and Lightspeed; Powerplay refers to the wireless charging component, and Lightspeed technology pertains to the performance of the wireless signal connection to the mouse. Powerplay technology uses electromagnetic resonance which, according to the Logitech press release, is supposedly, “the world’s first wireless charging system for gaming mice,” and charges constantly, eliminating the need to dock the mouse to recharge. The Logitech G website says that the Powerplay charging system’s 275 x 320mm base “creates an energy field above its surface,” which allows it to charge the mouse while it’s in motion without interfering in the measurement and transmission of data. This technology accounts for one element of the argument against wireless gaming mice, which is that they may run out of battery at any given moment (and that they can run out of battery at all). The second issue that arises between wired and wireless mice is their connectivity and performance.


Logitech tackles this second issue with its Lightspeed technology, which is described as, “an end-to-end system optimization,” with a one-millisecond report rate that, “delivers competition-level responsiveness at speeds faster than many competitive wired gaming mice,” according to the Logitech press release. So, it appears that Logitech G has provided an answer to the debate between wired and wireless mice, but only through the combination of Lightspeed and Powerplay technologies.


Lightspeed wireless mice are available this June and the Powerplay technology isn’t available until August. The Lightspeed wireless G703 and G903 mice have a PMW3366 optical sensor, which is broadly considered the best gaming mouse sensor on the market, and they will be available for $99.99 and $149.99, respectively, and the Powerplay wireless charging system will be $99.99. So at minimum, this supposed ideal gaming experience would cost about $200. Even though the G903, the more expensive of the two mice, offers a more ambidextrous design, a customizable button layout, and additional mechanical features that improve the feel and responsiveness of the buttons, Logitech G seems to be offering a convenient and high-performing product either way.



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