The UK has been having really nice (hot) weather recently, although there was a brief rainstorm, and possibly lightning during periods over the last few days.

We have small pear and plum trees, about 15-20 feet high perhaps. Anyway, the leaves looked really strange today : (

I'm not sure, but I'm wondering if lightning caused it. There are large trees from neighbouring properties that are much taller, and close by. There was some scattering of strange leaves in them too, and generally in the same area, i.e. the entire trees do not seem to exhibit the effect, but it is localised. I can't see any burn marks on the ground, but I have not checked the grounds of the neighbouring trees.

Notice the browned leaves:


More close up:

The pears seem disaffected, but the leaves look toasted : (



A plant at the foot of the tree:

A neighbouring tree:

Scattered clumps of browned leaves in a neighbouring tree:


Closeup of the browned leaves in a neighbouring tree:


Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Do the photos above look like lightning damage, or could something else have caused it?

I'd be interested to hear all thoughts.