I've been spending a lot of time working on thermal design lately. I've posted several blogs about thermal design, including the redesign of the thermal solution for Ultra96-V2. We also have a heatsink being validated for another SOM platform as we speak. I'm curious to know how much responsibility you guys have for the thermal relief designs of your products. Do you have dedicated mechanical engineers that work on these solutions? Do you design them yourselves? Do you not have them until something stops working and you realize its because it melted (half kidding on that one, lol).


In all seriousness I'm working very hard towards building up a better support structure for thermal design help within Avnet. A great way for me to do that is to better understand exactly how thermal relief designs get generated by designers and customers. I know when I was working design in telecom I specified the solutions, but I worked closely with my mechanical engineering team to make sure they complied with the system design. The thermal solution lies in that unique position between product design and circuit design. I want to be able to support that as best we can.


If you have a minute, I'd love some feedback on how you or your company typically choose thermal solutions. Either respond back in the comments or send me a direct message. I'm working on some new solutions as we speak that I hope to blog about soon.