(Image Credit: Antonie Julien/Unsplash)


SWG3 recently announced that it plans to install an advanced renewable heating and cooling system, called BODYHEAT, which converts a crowd’s body heat into reusable energy. The collected heat can either be used immediately, keeping the audience cool or stored underground to heat the building at a later time. Plans are already underway to install this system by November 1st.


First installed in Scotland, BODYHEAT utilizes heat pumps and fluids, collecting huge amounts of body heat sourced from SWG3’s attendees. That accumulated energy is then transmitted into twelve 150m-deep holes underneath the SWG3 venue. 


A human body emits around 100W of excess heat, quickly accumulating in enclosed areas. Crowds dancing at clubs generate plenty of heat, which is released into the atmosphere as waste. This system, running on low power and gas, uses that heat, effectively reducing carbon emissions. SWG3 expects to save 70 tonnes of CO2 per year based on the number of people in the venue.


SWG3’s goal is to become carbon neutral, which can be achieved with the help of this system as part of the Going Net Zero program. Ultimately, they hope to have BODYHEAT installed when the United Nations Climate Change Conference rolls around, scheduled to take place in Glasgow from November 1st-12th, 2021.


“There's no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought huge challenges to the events sector around the world, but it has also created a seismic jolt across businesses - underlining the need for a stable and sustainable future. BODYHEAT is our innovative contribution to a global issue and will help us to dramatically decrease our energy consumption - bringing us one step closer to becoming a carbon-neutral venue in the not-so-distant future," says Andrew Fleming Brown, SWG3 Managing Director.


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