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3 Posts authored by: shabaz Top Member
The UK has been having really nice (hot) weather recently, although there was a brief rainstorm, and possibly lightning during periods over the last few days. We have small pear and plum trees, about 15-20 feet high perhaps. Anyway, the leaves looked really strange today : ( I'm not sure, but I'm wondering if lightning caused it. There are large trees from neighbouring properties that are much taller, and close by. There was some scattering of strange leaves in them too, and generally in the s ...
Introduction Sometimes in order to learn something, it is good to build and experiment and measure. That’s not always possible due to practicality concerns. This was the case recently, for a review of a piece of equipment that can work with a three phase mains electricity connection. The trouble is, I do not have a three-phase supply in my home, and I do not have easy access to such a thing at work either (and neither do most people unfortunately). Furthermore, I would not trust myself wit ...

Leaking Alkaline Cells

Posted by shabaz Top Member Jul 9, 2015
I just opened up a (semi) expensive bit of equipment and discovered the Duracells inside had leaked with the typical white powder (potassium hydroxide) : (  and corroded contacts in the battery compartment as the result. These ones were dated 'best before' March 2024, and had been inserted for less than a couple of months (and had just average use during this time).   I was wondering what experiences others have had, and if they have successfully brought product liability charges a ...

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