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Power & Energy

2 Posts authored by: spannerspencer
Around the element14 offices, we've been chatting a lot lately about energy efficiency and this has prompted us to begin collecting our thoughts on the subject. As always, an important part of this process is gaining your opinions on the matter to clear up some of the ambiguity surrounding what energy efficiency actually means to us all. Ultimately, this'll help guide the direction of new content, campaigns or programs we'll be initiating here on the Community that are focused on the subject. &# ...
Power Over the past few days we've built on our Awards poll about future tech predictions by discussing various electronics realms and how they might evolve over the next 12 months. Most every other subject we've looked at is on the verge of being cracked (or, perhaps, on the verge of cracking). But power is, it seems to me, still a good way off from seeing a workable, available solution. What's Going Down in Power Town? There are no shortages of socio-political angles we could take when l ...

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