Working feverishly down to the wire, we posted our final project status over on our own hackerspace blog and emailed our final documentation to the organizers in the nick of time.


Thanks so much to Mitch Altman, Mark and the rest of the Silverfox crew, and element14 for this wonderful opportunity!


Jordan Bunker, PS:One founding member & ReMade producer, was most excellent to stay up late with our biosensor team and took some great photos during our final integration demo (he also brought Red Bull to share!):



Photo by Jordan Bunker

Below is the final biosensor array configuration outside of the enclosure & panel jack cabling.  The bottom shield contains Galvanic Skin Response electronics, while the top is the ECG shield which also has a socket for the pulse oximeter IR sensor (not inserted during this picture).  The electronics for CO2 saturation, respiratory flow rate & temperature are all integrated onto the actual sensors, so their cables connect directly into the Arduino input pins (or via jacks & cabling when in the enclosure).  On the right-hand side of the photo is the BlueSMiRF, a Bluetooth modem, which connects to the top shield as a seamless wireless replacement for the USB serial data link - an important safety consideration given the sensors attach to one's body.



Photo by Jordan Bunker


Dan, who designed the ECG shield, yet again played our intrepid test subject:



Photo by Jordan Bunker


Tonight (oh gosh - it's actually morning ) might have be the end of the competition build, but we plan to continue our work developing DIY biology technology to further education.




The Pumping Station: One Biosensor Team!



P.S. Hope all our fellow teams are getting some well deserved sleep now!