Greetings, Makers!


Recently Pumping Station: One allowed our own Drew Fustini, element14 Software Developer and Hobbyist, to take the element14 crew in Chicago on a field trip to Pumping Station: One, Chicago's only Hackerspace. Thank you!


We are lucky to be located close to a hub for such an important part of our audience, Makers!  We had a blast, and we'd like to invite you to experience Pumping Station One as we did.

Pumping Station One Sign.JPG


First, we need to give a shout out to Drew for coordinating the event: 


Pumping Station Drew compressed.JPG


Drew kicked off the tour by explaining the laws of the land.


1) Pumping Station: One is a "Doocracy." Of course, doing is mostly what we did for the entire time we were there. We also watched other people do things.


2) Be Excellent to Each Other.


See below illustrations: 



One thing is certain, Pumping Station: One was excellent to us.


For example, we learned that intricate objects like this...

Pumping Station Aztec Calendar Compressed.JPG


...Can be made with this laser cutter:


Pumping Station laser cutter compressed.JPG

And then David Fell, Maker extraordinaire, demonstrated its power by making the element14 team souvenirs.


Here's David and the laser cutter:

Pumping Station One David Fell.jpg


Field Trip Souvenirs, Phase One:

Pumping Station Name Tags 2D Compressed.JPG

Field Trip, Souvenirs Phase 2 (Thank you, David!):


Pumping Station Name Tags 3D Compressed.JPG

Pumping Station One Lauren Nametag Compressed.JPG

Now, the fun part. Drew taught us how to MAKE something!


First he taught us how to solder. Here he is with (from left) Jason Grabowski, Community Support Analyst, Manuel Bonilla, Global eProcurement Manager, and Isaac Rajendraan, Senior eProcurement Business Manager:


Drew and Manuel Soldering.jpg

The final product of our efforts:




Pumping Station One Make Pin Compressed.JPG




Meet the element14 Community Team. We are glowing with pride!



Standing (from the left): Isaac Rajendraan, Sr. eProcurement Business Manager; Drew Fustini, Community Developer; Lauren Bittner, Global Community Marketing Manager; Ricardo Gomes, eProcurement Business Manager; Jason Grabowski, Community Support Analyst; Summer Nelson, Community Business Analyst; Dianne Kibbey, Global Head of Community and eProcurement; Manuel Bonilla, Global eProcurement Manager; and Tracy Hickman, eProcurement Data Analyst.


Kneeling (from the left): Nicole Fusz, Community Manager; Michelle Riojas, Community Technical Lead; Christy Zurcher, Community Development and Operations Manager.


Pumping Station One Proud Gang.jpg

Dianne Kibbey, our leader, couldn't have been happier with the trip:


Pumping Station One Dianne Kibbey.JPG


Thanks to Pumping Station: One for an "Excellent" Day.


We look forward to more adventures!


The element14 Community Team