For google: SAMA5D3 Xplained TFT43AB_OMAP35x 081202


After months on and off with this device I have finally got it working as I intended.


I have wifi working, framebuffer working, the LCD display working, and it has only taken me since September


wifi: static IP address at boot with WPA roam facility.

framebuffer: available from boot

LCD display: available from boot

     Capable of displaying:


          graphics files



Sorry it has taken so long, the lack of information regarding the board and LCD have been a massive hurdle.


Showing a bitmap image:

fim images/__files__prinpp009.jpg -u -w -d /dev/fb0


Showing a video file:

mplayer -nolirc -framedrop -ao null -zoom -x 480 -y 272 -vo fbdev2:/dev/fb0 lowres:1 images/new-big\ buck\ bunny\ 480x272-SD.mp4


I will be adding to this post with a full guide, as well as an image of my SD card if allowed.



Edit 1:

Can't get the touchscreen working. Not my fault, the board has been incorrectly laid out according to

5.1 The SPI lines available on the LCD connector J22 have been swapped.

Current implementation (wrong):

Pin 37 = SPI0_NPCS3

Pin 38 = SPI0_MISO

Pin 39 = SPI0_MOSI

Pin 40 = SPI0_SPCK

Correct implementation:

Pin 37 = SPI0_SPCK

Pin 38 = SPI0_MOSI

Pin 39 = SPI0_MISO

Pin 40 = SPI0_NPCS3

To date, there is no impact because no LCD screen available on the market uses the SPI bus on this connector, in

particular the PDA Inc. TM430x and TM700x product series recommended by Atmel.

A potential problem exists only if the future "Xplained Pro" series LCD extensions are used because these

extensions could require the SPI bus on this LCD connector.

Also, for customers or third parties planning to devel op their own extensions using a connection to J22, we

strongly recommend following the correct implementation so as to guarantee a future consistency and

compatibility with all Atmel tools.

I won't be soldering wires onto my board to patch this issue so it will remain unfixed.


Edit 2:

I have had this working and displaying a USB webcam stream and running dump1090 to monitor air traffic using an RTL-SDR USB dongle.


Edit 3:

I now have the capability to use the LCD screen as a console display (/dev/tty1) and display text directly onto the screen.  It is fast enough to run the BB ASCII art demo happily.


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