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Further advanced into my review of the Keysight Insulation Meter U1461A and it's turning out to be quite nice meter. I've managed to determine that it has a surprising level of resolution running up to 99,999 counts although that is for frequency measurement but it also goes up to 66,000 general digital multimeter functions as well.

I have created mostly a video blog on the procedure that of gone into a lot more detail regarding all functions. Unfortunately I don't have a reliable AC source so my measurements for High voltage used not the best at this stage but it did show would functionality.



I was surprised to see a feature relating to cable length within the multimeter. This would be an extremely good function for Electrical installations but not only that if we can get the right capacitance measurements for twin cables or multi-core cable is is possible to do distance checking for other types of cables as well as. I am not sure off I can do this test within be confines of the road test but I expect that I will work at creating another video entry into the future some time that will incorporate cable length measurements and going into more detail regarding how the measurements are done.


One thing I noticed while creating this video is that it was difficult to constantly look at the screen PDF for information from the user guide as to keep is not include a comprehensive user guide instead it has a Quick-start guide. I think it would be a good idea in some way shape or form to have a full user guide available but maybe I just haven't taken up onto the new technology. I may consider looking into using my tablets as a way of reading PDFs but I keep forgetting to charge it.


So far I have tested all the functions that are used in relation to electronic design service, installation and maintenance measurements. Our next video I hope to include the more detailed testing of the insulation tester which is something that I'm quite keen to get started on.


In summary for this particular review stage I found that the Keysight U1461A Insulation Multimeter Is a big step up from my current meter the U1242B, and Keysight have definitely kept their reputation intact with a really nice multimeter. There is currently quite a lot of features in this meter which surprised me after I started Carrying out this review. I can see that getting the Full details of how this or multi meter will operate will extend way past the review period.


I currently have two more reviews, my next review will be on the insulation tester and the last review will be on the other logging features.


Cheers all and happy Road-testing