G'day everyone,


This was only extremely spontaneous test that I needed to do and I thought this is a great opportunity to test the logging feature using my Android phone with the Keysight U1461A Insulation Multimeter and the U1117A Bluetooth serial interface. Currently I have been able to locate my other Bluetooth unit dongle for the computer so I haven't been the use the software for logging but this was a great opportunity to test not only the temperature is well but also the logging features.


Not to say that my dishwasher is doing all that well but the logging feature worked really well with only a couple of little problems that I have been I would identify and overcome during my test. I will contact Keysight in relation to the software to see whether or not an update can be included to improve the functionality of the software with my tablet and mobile phone.


Below is a video that I compiled for the test carried out fairly long video as usual I hope one day I'll be able to shorten my videos but still be able to maintain the blogging aspects ensuring that all the information has come out okay.



Happy road testing,