G'day everyone,


This will be my final blog post before I begin to write the road test review. In this particular video that I have created I have looked at all the electrical functions of the multimeter including Earth Bond, and insulation resistance capabilities. Of also talk in detail the advanced software feature that uses the Electrical measuring functions available on the meter.


I have left the best till last, as I have found that there are other applications that this multimedia can be used for and have detailed it in my Video log. Also the advancements in the software application makes this meter the cheapest for function PAT machine that I have ever looked at. This functionality though is only supported by the software but the meter does have some very significant functions available.


In Western Australia, there has been a major impasse that has been difficult to breach between the Electronics and Electrical industries. Electricians have been able to advance their careers in the electronics industry while maintaining the ability to work with high voltage electrical systems. This enabled them over time to be able to increase the variety of work that they've been able to carry out. In the electronics industry though this impasse did not work the other way, the only real advantage that electronics technicians have is that they can delve much deeper into the advancements of micro-technology more readily.

Happily though times have changed and at least in my state where I live the Office of Energy have implemented a system that can allow my experience for the past 30 years to influence the ability for extra training so that I will be able to obtain more electrical applications in my future. This is done by application and a review panel will look at my qualifications and experience over the last 30 years to determine if I can carry out extra training to work on more higher level electrical certification.


PAT courses are also available, these courses though are meant for people from high level electrician to  no experience in electrical or electronics but following a specific set of testing rules that can allow them to carry out tagging on electrical equipment which has become necessary in our strive for high safety requirements in industry.


The video also looks at my attempts to measure other cables in relation to preventative maintenance steps that in the past I have had difficulty carrying out with minimal test equipment. I have found that the Keysight U1461A will provide exactly the preventative maintenance test solutions that will make the job so much easier and more efficient.


I have though looked and found a couple of issues that I believe Keysight will need to address to extend the capabilities further. I expect though that these changes are minimal and only require software and firmware changes where necessary.


I will look forward to creating my review over the next few days detailing all steps including others that I have not placed on the video log. Further experimentation will be carried out in the future to look at other functions and applications that this meter can hold. I am happy to say at the beginning of this road-test I had always planned this to be my secondary meter, but after extensive use and trials and applications this meter is now my primary meter as it carries the capacity to carry out electronic measurements along with electrical measurements with an accuracy that actually exceeds my current multimeters the Agilent U1242B and by Protel 506 multimeter.



Happy road testing


Malcolm Whinfield