I first want to thank Texas Instruments and Element14 for having me as part of this road test.


This is just a quick update on issues that I have encountered (My own fault but easy mistakes).

First, I'm using Windows 10 and had to disable the driver signature to allow the drivers to load. The Energia web site has a link to the instructions on how to do this if you don't know how.

Second, if you use Energia for programming the board it has to be in a file without spaces (Like the instructions on the web page explain... I missed this...) It causes multiple frustrating errors and won't work. There is the old saying "Read everything before doing anything". I forgot that rule.. Easy fix, changed file name so it doesn't have spaces!!


Quote from the Energia web site:

MSP-EXP432P401RMSP-EXP432P401R LaunchPad

Energia(MT uses a different method for building Sketches for the  MSP-EXP432P401RMSP-EXP432P401R Because of a limitation in this method you must install Energia in a location without spaces.


Name error.png


Error I received from the space in the file name:

Error shown.png


Third and final issue is solved by balearicdynamics (Enrico Miglino) in his blog TI Educational Boosterpack MK II and Energia Please read this very informative posting. Thank you Enrico for this, it saved a fair bit of frustration.


Hope this was a bit of help,


Dale Winhold