1. Box arrived, looked big but its the same size as an iphone 6 (MMB0) with the EVM 1262 being not much bigger than an arduino.


2. I found the software easy to install as well as the plug ins, I gave up on my mac, i wasted more time trying it through emulators, but gave up.


3. I do have the hang ups mentioned above on firmware not found, its seems to be an issue with the POST of the board but resolves easily. I also had issues on starting the board whilst I had a load of scopes and other testers attached.


4. After the first couple of hours I had tested the I/O and had LEDs blinking on and off on a bread board to ensure the outputs worked (and because I’m a big kid and love doing that).


5. I hooked an ardrino up to it (more monitored the servo the arduino was driving). I also used the ardrino to test I/O between both the arduino and the ADS1262. This was simply done using a bread board and sending bits back and forward. I got the desired results but again in no way using the ADS1262 to its full potential.


6. I did quickly see this board as an ideal reference tool as with the test points I can check my equipment against the published test results in the test pane..


7. ADCPro did hang a lot, I would say it was a software issue as the windows laptop I am using has very little on it. When I was monitoring the servo, firing analogue signals to the arduiou and back, the board did lag when acquiring data. it would fail maybe one in five when put under a bit of workload.


8. I will continue the playing with the board. I think this would be useful in a Power Management System maybe in a reporting role with redundancy switching capabilities. I have only spent a total of 4 hours on it as it’s just too cold in the workshop.