I was selected to Road Test the Texas Instruments ADS1262 Evaluation Board!  Thanks Premier Farnell, element14, element14Dave and TI!!


My entry wasn't great and to be honest, I wasn't hopeful of being selected as I'm sure there were more qualified people (28 entries, 5 kits) and interesting entries but here are my plans for evaluating it:


  1. Unbox
    • Came well packed (my daughter is really enjoying the egg crate foam!)
  2. Examine kit
    • My initial reaction is that is a very nice looking evaluation board
    • The rubber/silicone feet on the bottom are a nice touch
    • Tons of IO and test points
      • Nice screw terminals
      • Test points have hooks to ensure a good solid connection - nice touch
  3. Locate software on TI's website
  4. Install software 
  5. Install drivers (not installed by ADCPro)
  6. Figure out the interface...
  7. Start Building and testing!


Evaluate the effectiveness in several projects:

  • High precision weather station measuring pressure, temperature, moisture, wind speed, wind direction, and rainfall.
  • High precision battery charge/discharge system for charging multiple cells individually and logging all levels and charge rates for each cell in each battery pack.
  • Other ideas as they come and I discover how to best utilize this nice piece of hardware.






After rebooting and allowing unsigned drivers (and reinstalling the drivers) I can select the module from the EVM menu:



More to come!