This is my first meter that can perform datalogging and I think it is a powerful feature because when it is needed this ability will save a lot of work.  It seems I often need to design new types of sensor Many of these sensors need to be tested for linearity and accuracy This usually involves manually adjusting or sometimes automatically adjusting a quantity to be measured and taking corresponding readings to be analyzed later It is always tedious and time-consuming to stop manipulating the measured quantity to manually take measurements and write down or type corresponding readings The data logging capability of the Keysight  U1282AU1282A makes this process much easier and far more productive To demonstrate this I will show real sensors being measured . The setup is not very rigorous, it is just to illustrate what is involved in using the meter as a datalogger.

The software did need elevated privileges to install on Windows 10, but there were no other issues.


Keysight UU1173B IR-USB Cable


Keysight  U1282AU1282A Multimeter connected to  U1173BU1173B IR-USB Cable


The IR-USB connection worked seamlessly - the software automatically recognized which meter was connected and it was ready to capture data immediately.

Sensors Tested:


Tekscan Flexiforce                                                            Interlink


Road Test Summary

This road test has been fun and it provided a great incentive to learn about the capabilities of this excellent meter the Keysight  U1282AU1282A is a very capable high-end handheld workhorse multimeter It is phenomenally rugged has outstanding battery life and great resolution It also has some powerful time-saving features like the null function and datalogging capability I was thoroughly impressed with the performance and comprehensive suite of features The features that are important to me that make it stand out from my other meters are

long battery life

high resolution

large display


frequency measurement

frequency output

ruggedness and waterproofing

I am grateful to have been selected for this road test and fully expect to get extensive use out of this versatile meter.


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