Hello and welcome to this tech review of E36312A- A triple output programmable bench power supply from Keysight Technologies.




Recently, I won a triple output bench power supply from Keysight Technologies.

It’s been more than 3 weeks I’m exploring this bench power supply and this blog post reveals my experience with this product so far.


Let’s start with the appearance and the front panel of the supply. It has a nice and big colourful LCD, 2 separate control knobs for

voltage and current adjustment, a keypad to enter the desired values of the voltage and current,

colour coded push buttons for each channel along with colour coded outputs (yellow, green and blue) and

few other push buttons for quick actions like tracking and print screen, meter view etc.

It also has a USB port for data logging and screen shot purposes. Overall the build quality is really good.


The three outputs are independent of each other, output 1 gives 6V, 5A and other two outputs give 25V, 1 A each.

Each output is colour coded and hence is easy to distinguish between different outputs. Each output has a independent

colour coded buttons to switch on/off and a master switch for all outputs.


The unit powered on and the LCD showing the outputs which are colour coded


And now the most amazing feature of this power supply- You can combine the outputs of port 2 and 3 in series or parallel just by pressing a button!

It has internal switching which uses relays. You can get a max of 50V output at 1A from output 2 by using series connection and a max of 2A current

at 25V by combining port 2 and 3 in parallel.

This feature is not available in any of the bench power supplies I have used till now.


I have used programmable power supplies from multiple vendors in the college labs, this being my first owned bench power supply.

It surely beats all other bench power supplies in the market.


Overall, the build quality is great. The LCD visibility is too good. Again a feature not available in most of the bench power supplies in the market.

It also has data logging capabilities and a meter view which displays the voltage, current and power measurement of the device under test.


Meter view showing the voltage, current and power consumption of the DUT


I would highly recommend this bench power supply to research labs, universities and makers. It is a one time investment but worth it.

Really helpful for testing your electronic designs.

The only downside of this product is that is a bit costly for individuals.