As a Roadtester for the Raspberry Pi 3 & MathWorks Learn-to-Program Pack, I've encountered some bumps in the road due to the MathWorks documentation and examples being somewhat out of date.  I'd intended to blog earlier as I expect the other roadtesters have probably also encountered similar issues.  I'll do a full discussion in my review, but in case it might help anyone - the Raspberry Pi support packages for Matlab and Simulink in r2017b do not currently support Raspbian Stretch.  It will give you a build error when you try to create a raspi object.  I ran into this issue because I setup my RPi3 before I tried to install the Matlab software.  The RPi3 hardware in the kit comes with a 16GB micro SD card with NOOBS pre-installed.  All this works great, but when you install Raspbian using NOOBS it will install the latest version of Raspbian which is Stretch.  The Matlab hardware support package allows you to modify an existing OS or to write a new OS image onto an SD card.  Since I had already configured the RPi3 (ssh, wifi, ipaddr, etc), I chose to modify my existing OS.  At that point I couldn't create a raspi object to connect to my RPi3, so I couldn't continue.  I tried building a new OS image and that actually worked because the image was built with Raspbian Jessie Lite.  To their credit, MathWorks support did provide me a workaround that allowed me to run Matlab on Stretch.  I am waiting for a similar workaround for Simulink.


I also have encountered a problem specific to my application in that Matlab's IP camera module does not support H264 streaming only MJPEG streaming.  Unfortunately, the specific camera that I'm trying to use only supports H264.  I'm trying to get a third party module, HebiCam, to work.  I'm getting errors rtsp streaming with H264.  I'll post again if I get that working.  Otherwise, I may have to change the project that I was going to do for the roadtest.


Good luck to all the other roadtesters.