A RoadTest is a product review where a supplier provides a product at no charge in return for a review or project-build by the reviewer. Products offered for RoadTests are usually a development board, small board computer, or a piece of test equipment. Other than general knowledge about the product or technology, all members of the element14 community are eligible to apply and compete to be official Roadtesters. But what happens when the product requires specialized knowledge or requires a unique environment or the supplier is seeking RoadTesters that meet a specific requirement? That's where a RoadTestPlus comes into play.


What is a RoadTest Plus?

A RoadTestPlus is a specialized type of RoadTest where a specific skill or background would be required to conduct the test and write the review. A RoadTestPlus may also require a specific type of equipment or environment that may not be available to every member of the element14 community. As such, a RoadTestPlus by its very nature would be conducted by a reviewer with specific experience.


How Do You Know If A Roadtest is a RoadTestPlus?

A RoadTestPlus will look like a standard RoadTest with two main differences. It will be identified with the modified RoadTestPlus logo and it will contain the specific requirements sought for the RoadTestPlus. While anyone can apply for a RoadTestPlus, those applicants who meet the specific requirements will be the preferred RoadTesters. In your application for a RoadTestPlus you should make sure you indicate how you fulfill the specific requirements desired for the RoadTestPlus. Meeting these requirements will be key to your selection as an official RoadTester.


How Do I Apply for a RoadTestPlus?

Like any RoadTest, a RoadTestPlus will be launched with a 1-month enrollment period. It will also be an open application process. All potential reviewers will be required to submit an application. At the end of the enrollment period, the RoadTest Program Manager will collect the applications, make recommendations to the supplier, and submit all the applications to the supplier who makes the final selection of official RoadTesters, just like a standard RoadTest. In essence, you will see no difference in the application period. But the supplier's final selections will be based upon an applicant who meets the specific requirements and has written a highly competitive application.


Like all RoadTests, the applicant must be in good standing as an eligible RoadTester, which includes having completed all previous RoadTest reviews.


If you have any questions regarding a RoadTestPlus, please enter your question in the comments section below, and I'll try to answer it promptly.




Randall Scasny

RoadTest Program Manager