I received my Omron Vision Sensor yesterday via UPS.  The box was so light that is seemed empty; but there was the kit wrapped in bubble wrap in a static bag.

Omron HVC-P2 Package

The kit consists of a Camera board (25mm x 25mm) that is the size of an RPi camera and an image processor board (45mm x 45mm) connected with a 9cm flex cable..  I am going to have to print an enclosure to support and protect the boards so that I don't damage them in use.  The communication and power to the processor board is via a micro usb cable.


Front and back of processor board:

Omron HVC-P2 Processor Board

There appears to be a spot for a large IC that is not stuffed.  It would be interesting to know what capability could be added to this unit.


Front and back of camera board:

Omron HVC-P2 Camera Board



I did a quick test using the Evaluation Software on my Windows 10 PC.  The USB Driver for the board installed automatically on first connection.


Evaluation Software GUI:

Evaluation Software GUI


The GUI is reasonably intuitive to use.  For my quick test I was only about 1m away from the camera.  With all the default settings I am getting poor repeatability with the image classifications.  There are quite a few settings in the classifier and I'm sure that it will take me a while to get up the learning curve.  Good news is that it appears that everything is basically functional.


Execution settings (default):

HVC-P2 Execution settings


Stabilization settings (default):

HVC-P2 Stabilization settings


My next step will be building a case for the unit.  Then I'll proceed to learning to operate it and testing it using the Evaluation GUI in the Windows environment.  And for my roadtest I'll deploy it with a RPi0W using python to evaluate its capability as a security sensor.