This project is about building an interesting medical application project around Honeywell pressure sensors and a Cypress PSoC6 BLE Kit.

I am partnered with glennvanderveer on this project. He will be doing most of the heavy lifting now that he has recieved a PSoC6 BLE Kit from jomoenginer . Thanks jomoenginer.

Our project aims to use a Honeywell pressure sensor to measure shock waves that could damage ears. The project will also experiment with different types of ear protection to see how effective they are in attenuating the over pressure associated with shockwaves.

To create a realistic test platform, I 3D printed a headform with cavities around the ear locations. These cavities can hold very realistic biofidelic ears. These ears will allow ear plugs to fit properly.

The pressure sensor can be mounted inside where the ear drum would be.

The pressure sensor measures gage pressure so the ambient port will need a tube to a location unaffected by the shockwave. Probably some heat-shrink tubing will be adequate.

The pressure sensor will be read by the PSoC6, which will also display data on its e-ink display.

The shockwaves will be generated by a paintball gun shooting compressed air.

This preliminary video shows the apparatus and how it all works:


Here is a chart that puts sound levels and their damage potential in perspective:


I will add links to glennvanderveer blog when he has some progress to report on measuring pressure.


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