The start of this roadtest has been delayed because Arm was in process of updating the course material.  I received the 3 development boards used with the course about 2 months ago and have being anxiously waiting on the course access codes.  The course is hosted on VitalSource which is an online educational website.


Included hardware

The course uses 3 of the Nucleo development boards and also requires access to an Android device

  1. STM32F401 microcontroller (X-NUCLEO-F401RE)
  2. Motion MEMS and environmental expansion board (X-NUCLEO-IKS01A2)
  3. Bluetooth low energy expansion board (X-NUCLEO-IDB05A1)

STM32F401RE Development Board Motion MEMS and environmental expansion Board BLE expansion board


Course Syllabus

The course consists of 12 modules with 9 labs.


I've completed the first 2 introductory modules.  The lectures are done via video with an accompanying slide deck.  The lectures are concise and informative.  There are short quizzes at the end.  I found it interesting that the quizzes have some questions that were not covered specifically in the lecture material but are associated in context.


I'm looking forward to the hands on part of the course that uses the hardware.