The eighth course module looks at a Cortex application processor the A9 to examine the features and programming for a processor that might be used in a mobile or smartphone design.



Here are some of the processor highlights:



Lab5 Exercise - Run a program using a processor simulator

This lab uses the Arm Development Studio to run a mixed C and assembly code program on an Cortex A9x4 processor model.  It allows stepping through the code and viewing registers as if on real hardware.  The lab instructions and code were for an earlier version of the Development Studio - DS-5, but the program imported cleanly.  I did have some problems getting the program executing on Core 0 as shown in the lab video, but succeeded after a couple of tries.  Very nice capability but you need to have a license for the Professional level (at least Silver Edition) of Arm Development Studio.  The 30 day evaluation license is for the Gold Edition which covers Armv8 processors.