I have a number of store bought cables of varying lengths I will test with. I will document those in my review. In addition, I will construct a maximum length CAT5 cable using crimping tools and connectors I have locally.


I have a basic pin out cable tester for CAT5 cables. I don’t have a Fluke network analyzer to do performance checks to prove out my cable assembly skills. I worked in cable plants for a number of years, so I consider my cable construction skills up to specification. That assumption may come back to bite my in the arse. Hey rscasny  care to float me a cable tester for the project?


I'm wondering whether stranded verses solid wire in the cable make a difference. I'm going to assume if the cable meets CAT5 specifications it is acceptable. Interesting these are the needle questions I wanted to discover answers for.



I'm curious if the RJ45 cable pinout specification T568A or T568B have any impact? Wait this is DC power. No crosstalk suppression involved. Take that off the list!