I'll need to do this road test in parts, because it may get complicated.

The first task is installation.  This will require removal of the existing breaker and replace it with the Power Defense breaker.

The PDG23F0060P2MJ is a frame size larger than the existing breaker, so that may be a challenge.

Here is the existing breaker:

Here is the enclosure:

The PDG23F0060P2MJ arrived in a well packaged box.

The contents were a PDG23F0060P2MJ, 4 mounting screws, a manual of sorts,

and a Neutral Voltage Sensor Module.

After some rearrangement of the existing components and wires, I managed to fit the PDG2 into the panel.

The next task will be to determine how to wire up the trip unit, ModBus, and accessory relay contacts.

Stay tuned to this channel...........