Hello Everybody!


This is my first blog post part of my RoadTest of the Keysight InfiniiVision MSOX3034TMSOX3034T Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (MSO).


First of all, thank you Keysight and Element 14 for providing me this great instrument! I'm pretty sure it will useful in a lot of my future projects.


1. Unboxing & First Look


So, Thursday morning UPS delivered me the shipment from Element14. This was one day earlier than expected, so I was super excited.


The shipment contained two packages. One of them had a big Keysight logo, and it was kind of obvious that will contain the scope.


The second one was labed Farnell. First I thought some of the instruments accessories are packaged separately, but after reading the attached documentation it turned out that it actually contains a carrying case. This was not listed is Road Test page, so it was kind of a pleasant surprize for me.


About the evening, I got the time to open the packages. Here is quick time lapse video of me unboxing the two packages:


The content of the Keysight box was as follows:

  • MSOX3034TMSOX3034T Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
  • 500MHz Passive Probes (x4)
  • Logic Analyzer Probes
  • Certification of Calibration
  • Paperwork
    (packaging list, safety instructions, BenchVue licence notice, EULA, hazardous materials listing)
  • Documentation CD
  • Power cord


{gallery} The Scope

MSOX3034T (front)

MSOX3034T (back, LAN / VGA module not installed yet)

MSOX3034T (side)

MSOX3034T (top)

MSOX3034T (top, storage compartment for probes)


The package also include a DSOXLAN LAN/VGA module. This provides VGA output and remote control capability over 10/100Mbps LAN. I will test these functions later.


{gallery} LAN + VGA Module

LAN & VGA Module (top)

LAN & VGA Module (front)

Extension Slot with removed cover

LAN & VGA Module installed


The scope comes with four N2843A Passive Probes with a 500 Mhz bandwidth and 10:1 attenuation.


{gallery} Analog Probes

N2843A Passive Probes (packed)

N2843A Passive Probes

The Logic Analyzer Probe kit included with the instrument is the N2756A 16-Channel MSO Cable Kit:


{gallery} Logic Analyzer Probes

Logic Analyzer Probe Kit (packed)

Logic Analyzer Probe Kit

Logic Analyzer Probes

Logic Analyzer Probe Connectors

Grounding connectors (?)

Grounding leeds (?)

E-Z Hooks

Probe Labels

In terms of Accessories the box includes a Power Cord (US), a Documentation CD, the Certificate of Calibration and a bunch of Info Sheets.


{gallery} Paperwork & Accessories

Certificate of Calibration

Power Cord (US)

Documentation CD: hopefully it is available online too, as I do not have working CD-rom


The build quality of the scope and its accessories is pretty good. As expected for products in this price range.


The second package contained the N6457A Soft Carrying Case and Front Panel Cover kit from Keysight:


{gallery} Front Cover

Front Cover (packed)

Front Cover

Scope with Front Cover


{gallery} Carrying case

Carrying case (packed)

Carrying case (front)

Carrying case (bottom)

Scope in carrying case: The scope fits good in the case.


Scope in carrying case (opened)

Mini case for accessories: Great for storing accessories, like probes, tips, etc.



2. First Power ON


After the unboxing the next step was to grab an EU power cord and power up the scope.


Here is a video about the Boot Up of the scope:

(note: it's not actually the 1st boot. The video about that ended up garbage, as the focus and exposure hoped all around.)


I also managed play around a little bit with the in-build demos, make some measurements, etc:

{gallery} Random Experiments

But, more about these in the next blog posts...


Next blog post expected in about 2-3 weeks, and it will explore the oscilloscope functionality of this great instrument.


Have a nice day!