Before tackling the actual review document for the PicoScope 6424E Oscilloscope + Accessories I was encourage by other blog posts about the 6424E to try another test. The motivation for this additional testing was after reviewing the the blog post Picoscope 6424E RoadTest - Testing a power supply  done by michaelkellett . I recalled a E14 series  Workbench Wednesday 25: Measuring a MOSFET’s Miller Plateau  , a look at the switching of a FET. I was fascinated by the knowledge.


I am currently working with IRF44 FET devices. Now that I have a scope, why not satisfy the curiosity sparked by E14? I don't have all the equipment used in the Workbench posting so my test will be minimal. The setup is to measure the gate voltage and drain voltage to see the switch time difference when the gate resistor is changed.


The first screen shot is for resistor R2 with a value of 100 ohms and the second is for a value of 3.3 Kohms.





As the waveforms demonstrate, the switching time of the drain increases with an increase in the gate resistor.

The scope software was the Linux version. As I have mentioned the Linux blog post, screen captures features in Linux are not as advanced as with the MS Operating system.


My thanks to WorkBench Wednesday for the awesome information and the spark generated by MK.