RDK-872 Power IntegrationsI'm getting ready to launch a roadtest on a 70 W Single-Phase Inverter Using BridgeSwitch for Fan Application. I was sent the board, but I wanted to send a motor with the inverter board.


I'd like to get some help in selected a compatible motor. Here's the info on the board, as well as some relevant links.


Here are some key features:


• BridgeSwitch – High-voltage half-bridge motor driver

• Integrated 600 V FREDFETs with ultra-soft, fast recovery diodes

• Inverter efficiency up to 97% using block commutation scheme

• Less than 60 °C package temperature at 29 °C ambient with no external heat sink

• Fully self-biased operation – no auxiliary power supply needed

• Supports low-side external bias operation for low no-load input power

• Integrated high-side and low-side cycle-by-cycle current limit on each BridgeSwitch device

• Instantaneous phase current information output on each BridgeSwitch device

• High-voltage DC bus monitoring with four undervoltage and one overvoltage thresholds

• Two-level device over-temperature protection

• Single-wire status update communication bus


Here are some links:








If you could send me some suggestions for motors to go along with this board, I'd appreciate it.