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2 Posts authored by: binarygenius
Well i unboxed and recorded this video a week ago and although it leaves a lot of room for improvement it is really my first attempt at making videos not to mention work has been insane the last week but i promise i will be bringing plenty of good content asap including many cad models and lots of code for people to work though with me. So here it is the unboxing with my 8 year old daughter as an assistant . ...
Hello All I am over the moon to be one of the lucky 10 to be selected for the TI and Würth Elektronik LED RoadTest+ and when i applied i had a lot of ideas but i realized that if i want to be accepted for future roadtest and reviews i really need to produce clear high quality content and one of the key things for good photography and video is a well lit area. So seeing as the key focus for the road test is the  TPS92512  i thought why not set up a little area with high power LED` ...

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