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BASYS3 RoadTest : SISC#2

Posted by dubbie Top Member May 24, 2018
The first step in my Road Test of the Digilent BASYS3 was to download the Vivado software from Xilinx. My first post ended with me waiting for it to download. I somehow think that web sites and me just do not go together as it turned out that I downloaded the update rather than the package itself so I had to go through the whole process again. Xilinx do make their software downloads a little bit confusing as there are only a few references to the free web pack version of Vivado that can be used ...

BASYS3 RoadTest : SISC#1

Posted by dubbie Top Member Apr 9, 2018
I was excited to be chosen as one of the additional RoadTesters (Beep Beep - or is that the RoadRunner) for the Digilent BASYS3 FPGA Introduction PCB. I proposed to design and implement my own microprocessor based on the Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC) philosophy. This philosophy can be a bit confusing as most people would consider this to mean a smaller number of instructions, whereas the reality is that it means each instruction is simplified. One of the effects of this is that the tot ...

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