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2 Posts authored by: geralds
Hi, ... wow, this was a little bit hard work. At beginning Sept. i buyed the Launchpad with the booster board ADS7042. So, today i spent a little bit time installing it to say "hello world". First that was easy, i connected the Launchpad to the USB port and it works with it's demo program. Then i plugged the boost board onto the Launchpad, jumpered to the optical sensor and connected to the USB port again. Well - the drivers and the CCS IDE is now needing to install.   In the user guide ...
Hi, well,,,, i liked write a review, but i got an error message: "unknown error" - i can't find a button "review" ? Unsere Software-Entwickler finden Sie diesen Code dann sinnvoll, wenn sie mit dem Problem befassen müssen: D144957200C880.1n8o3d6e720:geralds:M11 then i wrote a message to the support.   -- My Review: Curiositiy - "Hello World" First: (05.01.2016;; so 1'clock in the morning) the Board comes without a cable. - This is a little bit tricky, but ok, this was written by ...

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