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1.0 Review Outline In part 1, I will first give a general introduction to the RTE1204 and take a detailed look at the physical and software user interface. I am continually learning and finding little quirks here and there, so I will be sure to edit and update part 1 as I post the next sections over the next two weeks. I waited a little while to post this, as my RTB2004 just arrived, and I wanted to add some side-by-side comparisons. It's obviously not fair to compare the performance of the two ...
Hi Road Test Community,   I have a fully-featured Rohde and Schwarz RTE1204 oscilloscope on my hands at the moment, and I thought there may be some interest in reviewing it in the style of an official Road Test. I have been a somewhat passive member of this community for a few years now, so hopefully this will allow me to hone my review skills and provide a unique look at this professional-quality oscilloscope.   A bit of background: I had ordered a Rohde and Schwarz RTB2004 COM4 sc ...

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