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2 Posts authored by: kmikemoo Top Member
After completing the Multicomp Pro Non-Contact Voltage Tester - Review, I asked myself "Why don't I use this type of tool more?"  Then I started thinking of some of the events that distracted me along the way.  This blog just might be my version of the bloopers reel.   Does a good ground really matter? I know it does, but how much?  I call this the Flamingo Testing Method.  Stand on the sneaker.  Measure.  Stand on the bare foot.  Measure.  Hope Amazo ...
To a man with a hammer, everything looks a nail.          To a man with a non-contact voltage tester... anything energized needs to be checked. As part of roadtesting the Multicomp Pro Non-Contact Voltage Tester, I couldn't resist trying it out in a few non-roadtest applications.  Here is one.     Yes.  The string is repaired, ready for next year. ...

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