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Acting on information from Peter Oakes (thanks) I downloaded the Keysight IO Libraries Suite 17.3 - 976Mbytes, reasonable speed of download here.   Then I installed it - you get offered to install the IO stuff, Command something and BenchVue  - I just selected the IO stuff.   It said that NI VISA was installed and recommended a "side by side" installation of the Keysight stuff as the secondary VISA.   I had a go at removing the NI VISA but it wasn't having it !   So ...
Having read Mark's early experience I thought installing the BenchVue code would be a doddle - the heavy lifting having been done already by someone else.   Not quite !!   I decided to put it on a computer outside mainstream use because I've experienced issues with this kind of software before. I tried on an Intel i3 running Windows 7 wit 8G of RAM.   The initial install went OK with the usual request to agree to a chunk of legal stuff that means nothing to ordinary humans. It ...

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