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2 Posts authored by: obones
I’m using openHAB on my personal server to control various parts of my “intelligent” home, and while I can use the Android app just fine, I thought it would be interesting to reproduce its user interface with a very resource limited platform, namely an ESP32-WROOM-32D, connected to the ME817EV evaluation board received for the BT817 roadtest.   The goal of this experiment is thus to do the following: Retrieve the interface definition. This is a JSON file, representing a ...
I am thrilled to have been selected to  roadtest the BT817 chip and while it has only been 4 days since I received it, I wanted to share some information early on as it may help other people working with the evaluation board. Once I have worked for a longer time with it I will of course submit a thorough review.   In the package we received was the ME817EV evaluation board and a 7 inches display from Riverdi, labeled RiTFT-70-CAP-UX on the packing list.     Plugging the ...

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