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2 Posts authored by: peteroakes Top Member
This is a continuation of the review of the U1461A Keysight Insulation Resistance Handheld meter.   In this post I take them apart down to the main PCB and give you a tour in detail, Identifying the components where possible (Where I can find them on the internet)   Be warned, this is a one hour video and the second half is a slow and detailed scan over the board (Both Sides) so please dont complain about that. You have been warned. You can easily fast forward or just skip the latter ...
In this blog post, comprised of mainly the video we test a few of the environmental ratings of the U1461A meter,       why did I do this to my meter ?, well so you don't have to to know it works   Specifically, subjecting it to sub Zero temperatures In the testing I left it in the snow drift for about 4 or more hours    then brought it back into the house and dropped it into the bucket of warm water and a bit of water boarding, Honest, it didn't compl ...

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