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2 Posts authored by: shabaz Top Member
Introduction I love to build stuff using manual and power tools. I’ve not moved up to 3D printing yet, so I still tend to use materials like wood, metals and sheet plastic, hand-marked and cut. For small items, handheld rotary tools are extremely useful, and I’ve been meaning to upgrade my aging tools for quite a while. Two of the major brands are Proxxon and Dremel, and the Proxxon ones are lower cost in Europe. I decided to purchase a couple of Proxxon rotary tools, and this blog p ...
Christmas Gift Ideas part 2 – Analog Kit  Introduction I noticed another interesting kit from Farnell/Newark which was so nice I purchased two – one as a gift and one for myself. The Arduino kit reviewed earlier is suitable for beginners of any age, but the kit reviewed here is only suitable for older school or college students or older – basically anyone prepared to self-learn and familiar with finding information for themselves from books or datasheets. It is a kit of an ...

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