Compact LEDs used for numerical displays and as indicator light sources in industrial equipment require long service life.
The molded structure is considered mainstream for compact chip LEDs, with epoxy resin commonly used for this section.
Unlike red and green LEDs, white LEDs emit a shorter wavelength (~527nm) that can cause yellowing of the epoxy resin, thereby shortening service life.
Although light intensity degradation can be minimized by adopting silicone resin that has already been proven in LED lighting,  measures to enhance mounting strength such as adding reflectors to compact LEDs cannot be taken, so damage to the mold section remains a challenge.

<ROHM’s New Compact White Chip LED: SMLD12WBN1W>

Adopting a new material that combines the benefits of epoxy and silicone resins allowed ROHM to achieve long life and exceptional mountability in a 1608-size white chip LED.

1) 100% luminosity maintained after 1,000hrs

100% luminous intensity was successfully maintained during energization testing (1,000hrs). The result is approx. 20x longer life with regards to the residual ratio at the same light intensity vs epoxy resin.

2) 25x higher mold strength

Mold strength is improved by 25x compared with silicone products even at high temperatures. This ensures exceptional mountability.

SMLD12WBN1W (Click here to purchase)

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