It is said that close to 50% of the world’s electricity demand is used to drive motors, making it necessary to achieve more intelligent, compact, high efficiency motor drive in order to protect the environment and improve structural designs.
ROHM’s BD9227F power supply IC supports smaller peripheral components while improving power conversion efficiency compared with discrete configurations.

< Feature 1: Achieves high efficiency across the entire load range>

ROHM developed ICs using proprietary industry-leading analog circuit design technologies to provide optimized power supply for motor drive with high efficiency.

The difference compared with discrete configurations is especially apparent under high loads. ROHM ICs significantly improve power conversion efficiency in DC fan motor applications.


<Feature 2: Improves motor speed accuracy>

The BD9227F provides linear control of the output voltage based on the PWM duty signal generated by the MCU, enabling higher accuracy control of the rotational speed of fan motors vs discrete configurations.


< Feature 3: Reduces component mounting area>

Internal frequency control makes high frequency drive possible, reducing mounting area by supporting the use of smaller peripheral components such as coils and capacitors. This translates to greater miniaturization in a variety of applications.


BD9227F (Click here to purchase)BD9227F (Click here to purchase)


ROHM continues to develop Power Supply ICs that meet the latest market and application needs.