As an NDT equipment manufacturer, you’re looking to gain that competitive advantage with precise measurements that are cost effective.


How can we help?

By providing high performance, standard and focused transducers built from specialized ceramics that:


  • easily integrate into your handheld detectors
  • survive in harsh conditions of a permanent installation
  • reliably operate in immersed conditions

Why choose us?

Your NDT products need ultrasonic solutions that are built to withstand the harshest elements on earth yet provide the most precise detection and measurement. Since 1967, Meggitt’s Piezo Technologies line of products has delivered high performance ultrasonic transducers, using advanced piezoceramic designs, for inherent reliability and outstanding versatility.


Put our expertise into your next product

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Product Highlight:

Pipeline inspection

5 MHz transducer



Ideal design for time of flight measurement of materials in high temperature environments. 


Compact design

Rugged construction

Redundant connections

Operation to 150°C