Hello! Good day!

Before i start let me thank element14, texas instrument, cadsoft for selecting my idea and sponsoring my

project idea,

Let me break my crazy little idea i wish to do with Inductive sensor. Is measuring haemoglobin level in our

blood using this touchless Inductive sensor. As you all know our blood is made of iron. So i consider that

as conducting material. Now inorder to get something from it. I first give a magnetic flux/filed to a

specific part of our body say finger. Now due to mutual induction some field is developed in our blood

which will be soo tiny. Which is recorded by the sensor, based on continous sampling and leveling. And

haemoglobinlevel can be ccalculated by converting ginduction into density by some formula( i have to

refer some books). And we can get haemoglobin level.

Now i need experts and noobs to help me accomplish it.

Thank you.

M.Arun Magesh