Hi All,


     First of all, thanks element14 again to shortlist me for this challenge. In this blog post I am just going to give overview about one of the application using 3D gesture. In fact the idea I am going to discuss came in mind when discussing about this new technology with my friends. And here is I am able to control Google earth using hand gestures in air. Just see video below to get idea, this is not the final finished project yet, few features are not yet implemented, but as I am very excited to show this uploading the video.



   Also you can see same video on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UV0pmo5PY8


In this blog, I am not going to give detailed implementation details about how I did this, but surely brief how I achieved this.


     At first I downloaded SDK and Aurea GUI on which I could test functionality of HillStar development Kit. You can find these resources here http://www.microchip.com/pagehandler/en-us/technology/gestic/gettingstarted.html.

     I tested Aurea GUI application which worked out of box with Hillstar development kit. Then I also tested SDK example codes which worked without problem.


     For the current application I used one of the sample code from the given SDK which gives data on command line. In this project I had to control Google earth, but there is not way to in C to control google earth, hence I needed to send this data from the MGC3130 Application to Python application that controls Google earth using Google earth API for python. I used socket programming in this and transmitted data over local network using TCP. I could also use shared memory in this. And finally I have a working model that controls google earth.


     I hope you enjoyed this new interesting way of controlling using MGC3130 Hillstar Dev Kit. I will soon come up with implementation details soon.