I'm sorry I have to throw in the towel and wait for VS2012 support for this kit.

Thanks to the Arduino Hover library I'm able to finish my project.

I installed the VS2010 Express edition, but I got stuck in a Microsoft problem while the standard header files were not installed properly. This is a known Microsoft problem (c++ - Header files are missing from installed location - Stack Overflow) with two solutions: 1) install a fresh copy of Windows and afresh copy of Visual Studio 2) copy VC folder from a friend who has a good version of Visual Studio installed. Since I don't like to install a new Windows version, and I also don't have a friend with a VS2010 installation I decided to wait for VS2012 support for this kit.


So after Microchip added VS2012 support to the SDK I will report about my progress in a next blog post.

Lucky me, jgmarcelino pointed me to the Hover library which also runs on the Sparki robot, which is Arduino compatible.

I decided to connect the Hillstar directly to the Sparki, in stead of using a bluetooth link. I gave it a try, connected the Hillstar board, loaded the library and the Hoverdemo which I slightly modified. It has less I/O pins, so I used 0 and 1 for the TS and MCLR, furthermore output is send to the Sparki display in stead of the serial line.

The result is here:


In the next blog post I will show you the results of controlling the Sparki with gestures.