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August 14, 2014
In this blog I am giving insight about python Server which uses gesture data to control Google Earth using Google's python APIs. Before writing program you need to install Google python API package which is attached with this blog. Install this package as you install normally python package " install". Following is the python code snippet I am giving which does following job   1. Initiates TCP server over localhost with port numbe 5005. 2. Initiate Google earth APIs default variab ...
Hi,        Even after I am done with my basic demo long back, I am writing this blog post which I wanted to write before only. Anyway, in this blog post I am giving insight about how did I implement MGC3130 side software. In fact, what I did is written on top of SDK demo code that can be found with SDK called "console". This demo code gives all gesture related data on console. E.g. x,y,z co-ordinates, circle gesture detection, left-right,top-bottom vice versa. Means, In ...

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