In this blog I am giving insight about python Server which uses gesture data to control Google Earth using Google's python APIs. Before writing program you need to install Google python API package which is attached with this blog. Install this package as you install normally python package " install". Following is the python code snippet I am giving which does following job


1. Initiates TCP server over localhost with port numbe 5005.

2. Initiate Google earth APIs default variable value.

3. Reads Gesture data which comes over TCP port 5005 on localhost.

4. Parse that data in order to take specific action to google earth movement according to gesture.

5. Keep doing step 3 and 4 continuously.




import socket

import win32com.client, time

googleEarth =  win32com.client.Dispatch("GoogleEarth.ApplicationGE")
while not googleEarth.IsInitialized():
    print "waiting for Google Earth to initialize"

latitude=41.487942                            # Latitude in degrees. Between -90 and 90.
longitude=0#-81.6865                            # Longitude in degrees. Between -180 and 180. to rotate the earth


     # in meters

tilt=0  # looking to the horizon=90, looking to the center of Earth=0
azimuth=370  # looking North=0, East=90, South=180, West=270

 # speed transition. must be >= 0, above 5.0 the transition is instantaneous

range=0              # If not=0 camera will move backward from "range meters along the camera axis
altMode=1  #Altitude mode that defines altitude reference origin (1=above ground, 2=absolute)
focusDistance=10000000  #Zoom Value can be changed

TCP_IP = ''
TCP_PORT = 5005
BUFFER_SIZE = 20  # Normally 1024, but we want fast response
s = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
s.bind((TCP_IP, TCP_PORT))
conn, addr = s.accept()
print 'Connection address:', addr
while 1:

data = conn.recv(BUFFER_SIZE)

if not data: break

#print "received data:", data



if data == "DRIGHT":

print "Right Direction longitude = ", longitude

if longitude <= 180:

longitude = longitude-10

if longitude == -180:

longitude = 180

elif data == "DLEFT":

if longitude >= -180:

longitude = longitude+10

if longitude == 180:

longitude = -180

print "Left Direction longitude = ", longitude

elif data == "DUP":

if tilt > 10:

tilt = tilt - 10 

if tilt == 0:

tilt = 90

print "Up Direction tilt = ", tilt

elif data == "DDOWN":

if tilt < 90:

tilt = tilt + 10 

if tilt == 90:

tilt = 0

print "Down Direction tilt = ", tilt

elif data[0] == 'Z':

print "Z data Direction"

data = data[1:6]

focusDistance = (int(data))

print 'focus_distance z = ', focusDistance



googleEarth.SetCameraParams (latitude, longitude, altitude, altMode, focusDistance, tilt, azimuth, speed)

cam=googleEarth.GetCamera(True)       # returns a ICameraInfoGE  object



I tried to write as neat as possible, still if anyone will have query just comment below, I will try to answer that. Also I am uploading the demo video which I was not able to upload last time due to some technical problem in website.


Kindly have a look at it.



I wish to create another application using this Kit, I hope I will demo it soon.