Lean production requires on-time suppliers


When your manufacturing relies on predictable and reliable material delivery, Meggitt Sensing Systems has the solutions for your piezoceramic products. We bring the broadest selection of piezoceramic materials.  With over 30 material formulations available, our material experts can build the optimized piezoceramic solution for your new product.  Facilities in the US and Denmark provide you with minimum lead times and dependable delivery.


Combine leading materials, manufacturing, and expertise


With decades of material formulation experience across industries, our customers get the best piezoceramic configurations expertly designed for their applications. 


Contact our sales team for a review of your product requirements and a step toward higher reliability and performance in your new product manufacturing.




All piezoceramics are manufactured to your specific geometry, frequency, and plating.


          Discs                 Focusing bowls

          Plates                Hemispheres

          Rings                 Shear plates

          Tubes                Shear tubes

          Half-discs          Shear rings