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MILO Range Pro with the Kinect for Windows add-on (via MILO Range)

When Microsoft introduced the Kinect for the Xbox 360, it was supposed to be an innovation in motion gaming. The results were controls that didn't respond as smoothly as promised and lack of big game titles, which made the add on a flop for the tech giant. But the Kinect may not be obsolete yet. The add-on is now being used as part of MILO Range, a training simulator designed for police officers, armed forces, and others who work in public safety. It works by placing individuals in front of a large screen and having them interact with pre-recorded footage. The program also uses a plastic gun to simulate tasing criminals, which contains accurate recoil. Though much of the simulation uses pre-recorded footage, sometimes it drops users in a 3D environment similar to traditional video games. The MILO Range Pro with Kinect for Windows can detect various actions including baton swings, punches, kicks, and other gestures. The videos posted by the company are unintentionally hilarious as it looks like an early Sega CD interactive game with cheesy graphics and tons of overacting, but it could be a step forward in public safety training.


MILO Range specializes in interactive simulation training products since 1994. Their products have been used for training in the military, security, and law enforcement branches. Anyone interested in having a MILO Range for themselves can visit the website after the jump.



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