Q: Data sheets for the sensors; are they all online yet?
A: Yes
Q: How close does the metal have to be to the inductive sensor?
A: Good rule of thumb is 70% of the coil diameter as a maximum, the closer the better
Q: Are there any application notes on using inductive sensing to measure corrosion of metal?
A: No
Q: Is it possible to detect cracks in metal plates using inductive sensors?
A: Yes. Cracks will cut the loops for the eddy currents. Same concept as the metal sheet packs as core for transformers
Q: Can you apply metal to both sides of the inductive sensor?
A: Yes, the sensor has the same sensitivity on both sides.
Q: Have you used inductive sensing to measure the expansion and contraction of metals due to temperature changes?
A: We have not used it for this purpose, but in our Touch on Metal demo, this can clearly be seen.
Q: Can the ultrasonic sensor be used to see layers in a surface or does it only reflect the top layer?
A: Up to 5 echoes can be processed, so 5 layers can be measured.
Q: Does the shape of the coil have to be circular?
A: No, any shape is possible.