These drum pads and foot pedals fit over and under your clothes. DrumPants 2.0 has new features and will be open source? (via Drumpants)

Rhythm games such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero are making a triumphant return this year. But if you want to feel like a rock star without holding plastic instruments and pressing buttons, then DrumPants may be what you're looking for. First introduced in 2007 by Tyler Freeman, DrumPants are a set of accessories made of two elongated drum pads and two foot pedals you can use to play different kinds of instruments, as well as a knob that lets you choose samples and musical scales. Don't take the name  literally; you can wear these 1.5 lbs accessories over your clothes or under them. The set can even be attached to an actual drum set to act as an acoustic MIDI trigger.


It features a user interface that works as a live controller, but can also work for connected devices. "With the ubiquity of smartphones, and the rising use of smartwatches, mind reading headsets, and other wearable devices," Freeman explains, "we are bringing the digital interface closer and closer to the body, until soon these interfaces will be indistinguishable from ourselves."


The project, which previously raised 75 grand on Kickstarter, is back with DrumPants version 2.0 and it boasts more features. The accessories connect wirelessly to the accompanying app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac through MIDI over Bluetooth if you want to make music. It also features over 150 built in sounds and the ability to loop and edit music whenever you want. The set works with various apps, such as Loopy, TouchViz, Google Slideshows, Pandora, and Animoog to name a few. While the project is focused on allowing users to make music, the technology also has other functions. The sensors can act as controllers and can be used to control other apps, a VR game, and visuals, like a light show. The accompanying video even shows the sensors being used to allow someone with a brain injury to communicate.


Unlike the older version of DrumPants, this new one is open source meaning it'll be open to mods, customization, Arduino compatible, and upgrades by the open source community. If the current IndieGoGo campaign reaches its $35,000 goal, the PCB schematics, Arduino library, and firmware for MIDI over Bluetooth LE software will be released. So far, the campaign has raised $12,857 with 10 days left to go. Those who want a DrumPants system for themselves will have to shell out $159 for the kit and app. This promising product could be the next step for both inspiring musicians and international rockstars alike.



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